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If you are new to the Society for Creative Anachronism or just need to know who to contact about something, contact these officers to get started!

The Chatelaine

The Chatelaine is a great person to contact if you are new and in need of information. The Chatelaine is an officer in charge of greeting and helping newcommers get comfortable in the group.  The Chatelaine can also direct you to other officers who might be able to assist you in specific areas, such as the Gold Key officer if you are in need of loaner garb.

Contact the Selviergard Chatelaine at

The Marshal

If you are looking at getting more information on the fighing aspect of our group; the person you would want to contact would be the Selviergard Knight Marshal.  The Knight Marshal can assist you in finding more information regarding the conventions of combat and let you know when the next fighter practice is.

Contact the Selviergard Marshal at


The Chronicler

Not sure about joining yet? Perhaps you would like to keep abreast of all the things going on in our group? The Chronicler can help by sending you a PDF version of the baronial newsletter when it becomes available, or you can view the newsletter online from the website.

Contact the Selviergard Chronicler at