June 2017 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

The spring-time has been welcomed in with the Barony of Selviergard’ s Spring Offensive. Thank you to everybody who attended this wonderful event as we enjoyed both fighting and fun together—camping events are always my favorite as it is an opportunity to spend time with you during the day and long into the night with a good bardic. Thank you to Master Fergus mac Thomais for crafting a memorable event that continued this Barony’s fine tradition which dates back many, many years.

We now move into the Summer months in these lands which, judging by the calendar, promises many things for us to do, to celebrate, and to partake in. From the Three Baron’s Renaissance Fair demon-stration in the beginning of June, to Oertha’ s Summer Coronet in July, and Selviergard Warlord’s Tournament followed closely by the Kingdom of the West’s Purgatorio in August…the summer will be quite exciting.

I would also like to take a moment to thank those who volunteer for not only this barony but the Prin-cipality as well. Those that take up officer positions to help run the group, those that autocrat events both large and small, those that help set up pavilions, those that carry baskets back and forth for oth-ers, and all things in between. These people that generously give their time to help are the backbone of the Society and without them we would not exist. Take some time to thank these good people--something as small as a simple but heartfelt “thank you” goes a long way.

On that topic, if you have award recommendations for those that are doing good works or excelling in their passion, please let me know. Recognizing those who contribute much to the Society, excel in the marshal vocation, or create wondrous things should be recognized and celebrated.

In Service,


Baronos of Selviergard, Tyrant of the Eagle River

From the Prince and Princess of Oertha...

Greetings Unto the Populace of Oertha,

While the short northern summer makes June is a busy month in Oertha, the long days give us lots of time for travel and mer-riment. His Highness and I look forward to a rousing good time fighting, watching theater and throwing tomatoes at the Three Baron’s Renaissance Faire demo the first two weekend of the month. Eskalya’s Newcomers event the following week-end is an opportunity to grow our ranks and share our love of the SCA and Hrafnfjordr’s Barmaids will end the month on a carousing and convivial note.

Summer Coronet Tournament is fast approaching and We are excited to see what it will bring. For those pursuing Arts and Sci-ences, His Highness’ Whim is pouches, Her Highness’ whim is small woven objects.

Finally, while We were unable to attend, We extend our good wishes and warmest welcome to the new Crown Heirs of the West to be selected at June Crown.

Soren and Alienor

Prince and Princess of Oertha



Newcomer's Event

Come one, come all to Eskalya Newcomer’s Festival. Summer solstice is upon us and we rejoice in the new life of the sun. Wonder at the prowess of Eskalya’s fighters, and see the magnificence of her arti-sans. Know that all are welcome at the court of the Sister Baronesses of Eskalya.

Site Information: Goose Lake Park (2811 UAA Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508).

Site opens at 11AM and closes at 7PM.

Directions: Take Northern Lights to UAA Drive. Turn onto UAA drive and take an immediate L into Goose Lake Park. Follow road to parking lot at the end. Goose Lake will be on the Right, Site is on the field at the very end of the parking lot through a short trail.

Adult Event Registration: $15, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $10, Children (Ages 5-10): $5, Children (Under 5): Free

Autocrat: Celestria Textrix (Dawn Poggas Bates)





The Shire of Ravensfjord invites everyone to come gather in Soldotna Alaska at the Swift Water Campgrounds. Come camp, fight, frolic, and revel with us June 23 through 25th at Barmaids.

Saturdays premier activities will be the Tavern Brawl for hard suit and rapier, Thrown Weapons Tourney, and Midnight Viking Pillow Fight Prize. Tournament The Most Creative weapons for the tavern brawl will be rewarded with a Viking Ship prize. (Hard suit and Rapier) Creative weapons must be SCA Combat legal, and resemble Anything you might find laying around in Tavern.

Site Information: Swift Water Campground (Soldotna, AK).

Camping Registration: Adult $25, Youth (5-17) $6, Children under 5 Free.

Day Trip Registration:  Adult $15 Youth (5-17) $5 Children under 5 Free.

Member discount on Adult fees -$5.

Family cap will be $60.

Member discount on Family cap will -$10.

Feast Information:  Saturday Night Feast of Beef Stroganoff will be $5 per Adult and $3 per child under 17.




Oertha Coronet Tournament

Come one and all to the land of the midnight sun to revel in the warmth and friendship of Oertha. May all bear witness as the heirs to the coronets of Oertha are chosen upon the field of ferocity and honor. Her highness Alienor invites all who wish to attend to a princess' tea. Site permitting we will be hosting an archery prize Tourney. His Highness' whim is pouches, Her Highness' whim is small woven items. Stay tuned for more details as they come available.

Site is rustic so please plan accordingly, travelers from outside the principality please feel free to contact the autocrat for hospitality assistance. Anderson Riverside Park is located approximately 4.5 hours north of Anchorage/1 hour south of Fairbanks. For attendees not wishing to camp there are roadhouses/B&Bs in the vicinity. Please note that the only store nearby is a quickie mart 15 minutes north in Nenana. More schedule details will be posted as they become available.

Site Information: Anderson Riverside Park (260 1st St., Anderson, AK 99744).

Site opens at 1PM on Friday and closes at 5PM on Sunday

Directions: make your way along Parks highway ( AK 3) (North from Anchorage/ South from Fairbanks) turn off at mile post 283.5, Anderson/Clear access road. Follow the road less than one mile and turn right at the sign for Anderson (Anderson Rd). Follow the road through the town which terminates at the park entrance. Signs will be posted.

Registration:  Adult $20 ($5 member discount), $10 children 7-17, $50 family cap.

Autocrats: Elena verch Rhys (Jessica Grahn Duncan) and Nathan Hartman (Nate Webb).




Purgatorio Coronation and Oerthan Investiture

The Principality of Oertha invites you to join us in our beautiful northern lands for Purgatorio Coronation and Oerthan Investiture.

Features of the site:
- Showers!
- Running potable water!
- Flushing toilets!
- Cabins!
- Beautiful Oerthan landscapes in the shadow of the magnificent Chugach mountains! ...
- it’s still Alaska bear danger!
- See Purgatorio Coronation!
- See Oerthan Investiture!
- See Oerthans in their native habitat!

Late August is the perfect time to visit Oertha! You can enjoy the midnight sun without having to be in the height of mosquito season. Take a quick break from the event to visit our state fair (just north in Palmer). Come find out why Oertha is known throughout the West for its hospitality!

Beds in the cabins will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis, though priority will be given to visitors from outside Alaska and individuals with mobility issues. Beds are available for $10/night. There are six cabins with ten beds per cabin.

Pre-registration and bed reservation is available here.

Site Information: Camp Gorsuch (Camp Gorsuch Rd, Chugiak, Alaska 99567).

Site Opens at 3PM on Friday and Closes 5PM on Sunday.

Gorsuch is located approximately 45 minutes north of the Ted Stevens Anchor-age International Airport, just outside Alaska’s most populous city, Anchorage. Anchorage International Airport is served by regular flights from all major west coast airlines, apart from Southwest.

Registration:  Adult Event Registration: $25, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $20, Children (10-16): $10, Family Cap: $50.

Event Steward:




The Folding Chair; What We Sit On

One of the last things that we tend to do with our SCA period camps is find a suitable chair to sit on. Many times after all the work we put into our camps we end up sitting in a modern camp chair, even at events we just sit on whatever is present from the site, sometimes we cover it and sometimes not. I have built several chairs over the years, all of them are heavy and big and re-quires assembly before use. I wanted a simpler chair that was light weight and transportable. I just happened to see a small picture of a Viking inspired folding chair on the internet. There were no dimensions listed just a picture, I looked at it closely and thought “I can make that”. So I sketched out a design on paper and made a list of materials to use. The chair in the picture looked like oak wood, since this was to be a prototype design I chose to go with straight grain clear pine for the board and oak for the rods.

After coming up with a plan I took a large piece of cardboard and drew out the pattern, this de-sign is great since it only requires four main pieces to be cut out, the front legs and the back. Since all four pieces are the same I only had to draw one pattern piece. I used 1” x 6” pine boards for the main frame, once all the parts were cut out I clamped them together and sanded them as one piece to make them match perfectly. The next step was to drill the 1” holes for the dowel rods, I marked the pattern and drilled all the holes needed. I then fitted the rods and se-cured the top rod with rope and boom instant chair.

The example had dragon head finials on the top of the chairs but any pattern would work for this. The nice thing about the design is that it is light and folds up for transport.

Materials needed:

2 ea. 1 x 6 x 6’ clear pine,
5 ea. 1” oak dowels 36”,
1 ea. ½” x 48” square hardwood rod,
heavy canvas or leather for the seat bottom.

The pine version cost about $60 in materials, the oak version is about $100 cost for materials.



Work in Progress



Spring Offensive Thank Yous

Thank you to everybody who attended Selviergard’s Spring Offensive event this past weekend--it was a wonderful time to spend with friends and family alike as we celebrated the Spring season in Selviergardian style. Thank you to Their Highnesses, Soren and Alienor, and Baroness Cynehild of Eskalya for attending as well; it was nice to spend some time with you and share a laugh or two together.

I had a lot of fun watching the archers and the rapier fighters show off their prowess and skill while other members of the populace watched and cheered alongside me. We also had a wonderful bardic later on in the evening led by some long-lost Oerthans who truly made this event memorable--thank you to Stephan and Lurana for teaching us some of the older songs in the song book as well as treating us to some new stories and songs as well. Thank you also goes to the Autocrat of the event, Master Fergus mac Thomais who helped the Barony of Selviergard continue our fine tradition of welcoming in Spring into these lands.

Halfdan, Baron of Selviergard










Proposed Awards for the Barony of Selviergard

Recently the topic of new awards was brought up at the last business meeting in which Baron Halfdan, working with the Baroni-al Herald, wanted to institute new awards in the Barony. These awards, along with their descriptions and proposed symbol are listed below. The next several business meetings will allow time to discuss them together as a group—to make changes, pro-vide commentary, or approve them as is.

It is important to note that these awards are not current awards at this time. These awards will be in addition to the award that we already have.

Company of the Swords Saltire (Crossed Claymores on appropriate colored Circle)
For members of the Order of the Claymore that have proven their expertise and excellence instructing and educating others in their craft.

Order of the Laughing Lyre (Argent Lyre on Baronial Cord)
For members of the populace who have distinguished themselves through the performing arts (song/dance/storytelling/etc.)

Company of the Cyfarwyddiaid (Musical note on Black/Red Circle on a Blue band)
For members of the Order of the Laughing Lyre that have proven their expertise and excellence instructing and educating oth-ers in their craft.

Order of the Bended Bow (Bow suspended on baronial cord)
For members of the populace who have distinguished themselves through their skill in archery.

Company of the Blazing Bodkin (Flaming Bodkin on Circle of Baronial Colors)
For members of the Order of the Bended Bow that have proven their expertise and excellence instructing and educating others in their craft.

Order of the Avgjørende Kryssild (Decisive Volley)
For members of the Populace who have distinguished themselves through their skill at thrown weapons and siege.

Companions of the Maoim-Sneachda (Avalanche)
For members of the Order of the Avgjørende Kryssild that have proven their expertise and excellence instructing and educating others in their craft.

As you can see, there are awards for new areas of expertise, such as archery and performing arts, that our Barony is beginning to take greater interest in. Additionally, there are several awards for those who have already received the first level of Baronial award, such as the Company of the Swords Saltire and the Companions of the Maoim-Snechda. Overall, this list covers the many aspects of the Society that the populace of the Barony of Selviergard work towards, and in many cases, excel at.

It is encouraged that people provide commentary on these awards, either for or against, or with alternate wording or descrip-tions. It is important that we all take the time to do this because the populace members need to be active in changes in the group in which they reside—your voices help make this Barony great. It doesn’t matter if you are a Peer or a new person; these additions and changes are affect to all of us.

If you are unable to attend a business meeting you can contact either the Baron of Selviergard or the Seneschal with your com-mentary which will be brought up in the Business Meeting.

The process may take some time as we progress from discussing new awards to the baronage actually being able to be-stow them to populace members. There are many steps to take and it will take some time—this includes checking for conflicts from other groups and submitting these awards to the appropriate people—this is just the first step. However, the populace will be kept appraised of the progress in future editions of this newsletter.




Searching for a Populace Badge

A populace badge is a way for people to show their membership or affiliation to the Barony of Selvier-gard. A badge can be displayed on banners, flags, clothing, dishes, furniture, and many other ways. A badge belongs to the people of the group of which it is registered under. Both the Kingdom of the West and the Principality of Oertha have populace badges, including many groups throughout the Known World.

At our last business meeting the topic of a populace badge was brought forward.

The Barony of Selviergard is looking for a populace badge and is need of your ideas. This is open to all Selviergardians and those who would like to contribute an idea for a badge; no matter which group they are affiliated with. This badge will be used for generations to come in this group to show not only our membership in this group but our pride in it as well.

The current populace badge for the Barony of Selviergard, as seen in the Oerthan Coloring Book, is the device from the Canton of Inbhir na Da Abhann. However, this badge was never officially sent in to be registered with the College of Heralds. While some may feel that the Canton device used as a badge is okay, the use of laurels on the badge could cause confusion and shouldn’t be used. In addi-tion, the Canton device looks similar to the token for the Order of the Claymore, one of our baronial awards.

First we must receive idea submissions; either in person or electronically. Design a badge that exem-plifies the Barony of Selviergard—something simple or elegant that can be used by the populace members to show their group pride. Here is something to get you started:

Yes, I know it is just a circle, so you need to do some artistic things to make it look better, make it look Selviergardian.

There are links below that may help you get an idea on what a badge looks like. All badge ideas will be brought to the next business meeting. From there, the populace badges will be posted on the Baronial e-group and the Facebook page for commentary from the populace and, with luck, the populace badges will be polled at the next business meeting afterwards.

From there the badge will be sent to the College of Heralds and finalized. When the paperwork is com-pleted and the badge is approved, the populace will be notified.


Links of Interest

Current Populace Badges of the Kingdom of the West

Badge vs Arms Common Questions

Assorted Lessons in SCA Heraldry: Devices vs. Badges




Baronial Business

Baronial Positions Available

The following officer positions and/or deputy positions are currently open or looking for a replacement within the Barony of Selviergard. Please take a moment to look over the current listings and see if you would like to help our group grow. For most cases training is available. If you would like to determine what the job entails and how you can help the Barony then please feel free to contact the officer or the Baronial Seneschal.

Deputy Constable
Deputy Herald

Applicants for these positions are asked to send a Letter of Intent / SCA Resume to the Baronial Seneschal for consideration at: seneschal@selviergard.westkingdom.org