The awards of Selviergard

The following awards have been designed to recognize and honor those individuals who have put time, effort, and artistic prowess into increasing the word-fame of our barony.

The Companions of the Claymore

This award is given for substantial contributions to the barony over an extended period of time. The token may be of any medium but will have a depiction of a claymore on a white chape in either red, gold, or black; depending on the reason the Order of the Claymore was bestowed.

The Company of the Gules Claymore was created to recognize those who give service unto the Barony and the people who reside there. The color red is symbolic of blood freely given by such an individual in support of the Barony of Selviergard.

The Company of the Or Claymore was created to recognize those who excel in the Arts and Sciences. The color gold is symbolic of treasures crafted by such an individual.

The Company of the Sable Claymore was created to recognize those who excel in the combat and provide protection to these lands in times of war. The color black is symbolic of the raven; the bird of war.

Order of the Dirk

The Order of the Dirk is given to youth, ages 13 and up, that have considerably and continually helped the Barony of Selviergard. As with the Company of the Claymore, the award is split into three colors being dependant on the reason the Order of the Dirk was bestowed.

The token for this award has not been determined at this time.

Order of the Sgain Dubh

This award is presented to youth of age twelve or under who actively participate in Baronial activities and displays courtesy to all.

The token for this award has not been determined at this time.

The Companions of the Northern Lights

An award given to youth for the exceptional behavior, bearing, and participation in the Barony of Selviergard that deserve the highest recognition possible. Most recipients of this award will have already received recognition in the other baronial youth awards, but it is not necessary for inclusion into this Company.

The token for this award depicts a band of northern lights and includes a hooded mantle with the badge of this award.

The Companions of the Forget-Me-Not

This award is for individuals who do not reside within the Barony of Selviergard who have considerably supported Selviergard through diverse means.

The token for this award has not been determined at this time.

Autocrat's Token

This award, which can be received many times, is traditionally given by the Baroness to those who have autocratted an event. The tokens are chosen by the Baroness and can be any item or token desired. Because Baron Halfdan reigns by himself; he has chosen to give out Autocrat's Tokens as well to continue with tradition in honoring those hard working individuals who spend time and energy creating events for others to enjoy.

Baroness Margarita chose to give rings of which many were silver. Baroness Katarzina chose to give beads. Baroness Étaín chose to give beads as well. Baron Halfdan chooses to give rings of bronze.

Warlord and Falcon

The titles of Warlord and Falcon were once given to the winner and the consort of those who entered the Warlords Tournament in days before the group was a Barony. When the group became a Barony the honor was termed as the Baroness' Champion. Because Baron Halfdan reigns by himself and is not in need of a Champion he has revived this title and honor for the winner and the consort of the Warlord's Tournament.

In the past, the token for this honor was an axe pendant for the Warlord and a mantle for the Falcon. At this time, the Barony of Selviergard is working on crafting replacements for these two items.

Special thanks to the various heralds and interested parties that worked together to finalize these awards. Conclave of Heralds I: Baron Fathir von Trier, Baroness Étaín O'Rowarke, Mistress Flanna Dunwalton, Mistress Alcianne of Sprucewood, Kurios Halfdan Ôzurrson. Conclave of Heralds II: Baron Halfdan Ôzurrson, Mistress Alyssia of Cameo Keype, Lady Marjorie de Fferyrfeld.